Does your organization require a radical change?

Does your organization require a radical change?

geralt / Pixabay

To keep up with market demands and ever-changing customer (client) requirements does your organization require radical change?

For example, does the customer want the price (fee) and completion (fulfilment) time of a service or product significantly lower than the current state? If so re-engineering may be what is required.

Re-engineering asks the question regarding the current way of working “why are we doing this at all” and encourages leaps forward, not incremental change. Re-engineering assumes the majority of process steps and structures are non-value added and encourages an organization to start over with a brand new picture. Re-engineering also assesses how advanced technologies (such as digital transformation) can assist with radical changes.

In a re-engineering assessment, an organization may find that it is operating on questionable assumptions, regarding how the process should work and the wants and needs of its customers. Read more to learn more about re-engineering and how CRE8 Independent Consultants can help.

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