Digital Workflow, An Innovative Idea & Cost Savings Tool For Your Organization

Digital Workflow, An Innovative Idea & Cost Savings Tool For Your Organization

What is Digital Workflow? Our Independent Consultant Studies find that digital workflow technology can significantly reduce organizational costs; and improve efficiency, quality, and service. Improvements can range from 20% to 10x.

This is accomplished by automating the enterprise, department, and group processes, including interaction with customers and vendors. Why should it be a manual process if it can be automated!

Workflow can be developed with easy to use point and click development tools, provide for automated decisions, allow for parallel/sequential routing, and be integrated into electronic forms that are filled out from a portal, cell phone, or email. The workflow can be initiated by a customer, internal request, automated task, or an event.

What are Digital Workflow Challenges? Workflow not:

  • expanded to other areas of the organization, due to lack of an enterprise-wide plan and budget,
  • providing the level of improvement possible because the underlying process is not cleaned up and improved before automation,
  • speeding up the process because of incorrect design (to detailed, not detailed enough, or lack of integration with email, portals, forms, content systems, and data systems), and
  • having the functionality required (selection of the wrong workflow product).

How to Plan for Workflow? 

  • A well-developed enterprise digital workflow technology plan will set budget, expectations, and a multi-year roadmap.
  • Documenting and correcting issues in the underlying process can dramatically increase the benefit of workflow technology.
  • Proper design of workflow to provide benefit (efficiency, quality, service, governance).
  • Selection or use of the right workflow product.
  • Set up of workflow metrics and measurement to allow for on-going improvement.

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About the Author. George Dunn, President of CRE8 Independent Consultants, is a worldwide Digital Workflow and Process Improvement consultant, speaker, and author. He has assisted hundreds of organizations with workflow planning. He can be reached as follows and on Linkedin.

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