How CRE8 Can Provide A Full or Part-Time Chief Process Officer?

How CRE8 Can Provide A Full or Part-Time Chief Process Officer?

In Part 5 of his interview Kevin Craine, Producer of the Digital Transformation Podcast asks George Dunn, President of CRE8 Independent Consultants, “How Can CRE8 Provide a Full or Part-Time Chief Process Officer?”

George discusses how, over the years, he has found that although computer vendors were happy to sell their products to organizations, there was no one in the front seat with the client helping to develop application requirements, evaluate vendor solutions (abilities, ROI), and help hold vendors accountable. As a result, many organizations experienced failed or mediocre vendor solutions. He also found that on the process side, many organizations have regularly experience significant process issues, with the number one reason being a lack of process improvement strategy, assessment, approach, documentation, roadmap, and continuity. For the past number of years, CRE8 has functioned as a CPO for many of its clients.

George believes a Chief Process Officer (fractional or full-time) will be beneficial for many organizations. A CPO will support process improvement continuity, successful digital transformation, and an ongoing organizational focus on the process.

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