The Rising Need For A Chief Process Officer

The Rising Need For A Chief Process Officer

In a five part interview series George Dunn, President of CRE8 Independent Consultants is interviewed by Kevin Crane, award winning Producer of the Digital Transformation Podcast about the rising need for a Chief Process Officer. 

Interview sections include the need for a Chief Process Officer (CPO), signs an organization needs a CPO, skills necessary to be a CPO, how to engage a CPO, and how CRE8 Independent Consultants can provide a part or full-time Chief Process Officer.

George believes a Chief Process Officer (fractional or full-time) will be beneficial for many organizations. A CPO will support process improvement continuity, successful digital transformation, and an ongoing organizational focus on the process. 

The full interview is provided below. To each of the five individual Chief Process Officer interviews  see Digital Transformation Podcast | CRE8 Consultant Blog (

For more information regarding CRE8 Independent Consultants  or Chief Process Officer definition and need.

To contact George Dunn, President of CRE8 Incorporated to discuss how CRE8 can assist your organization.

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