How to Properly Plan For Records Management in M365 and Why is That Important?

How to Properly Plan For Records Management in M365 and Why is That Important?

Today, organizations are asking how to properly set up records management in M365 for modules such as Outlook, Teams, Sharepoint, and Compliance Center.

In a recent poll we conducted, the number one type of planning stated as required to ensure successful deployment of MS365 SharePoint is Governance/ Compliance. Unfortunately, surveys find that less than 50% of organizations have fully developed their ECM requirements before implementation. and only 13% have set up compliance center for the majority of their organization. What is the result? If record management programs are not correctly updated and implemented within M365, organizations can experience sprawl, regulatory non-compliance, and increased risk associated with e-discovery, breach, and PRR.

How can we help? Join George Dunn, President of CRE8 Independent Consultants, Cindy Zuvich Senior Records Consultant CRM, and Jordan Uytterhagen, Managing Director of Cadence Solutions, as they discuss the following.

Why Should You Plan for Electronic Records Management Deployment? How can you better manage the risks associated with user acceptance, compliance, litigation, breach, sprawl, and the need for 3rd party products?

What are the activities to prepare for the proper deployment of records management in M365?  How to update records management policies, procedures, and schedules; and assess E-Discovery, and Security and Data Privacy requirements?

What are important M365 considerations? A discussion of 1) Updating Rules – Policy and Records Retention Schedule, 2) Managing Content – Create, Receive, Store, Search, Protect, and Disposition, and 3) Applying Rules to Content – Retention and Disposal.

Important tips for Records Management in M365 and options on how to set up in One Drive, Teams, Sharepoint, Compliance Center, and Power Automate. Clean up pre-migration and post-migration tips will also be discussed.

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Cindy Shea-Zuvich, CRM, CIP, consultant, has worked as a Certified Records Manager for over 25 years and has extensive experience creating and simplifying consolidated information governance and records management programs.  She helps companies develop program policies, records retention schedules, procedures, and program documentation. In addition, she has been on the boards of Los Angeles and Metro New York chapters of ARMA.  She has also been a regular columnist for Document Strategy for a number of years and has published record management articles and white papers.  When not working Cindy enjoys workouts at the gym and exploring unusual eateries. 

George Dunn President CRE8 Independent Consultants has assisted hundreds of clients ranging in size from 25 to 250,000 employees to plan for digital transformation, including E-signature, ECM, Workflow, RPA,  AI, Recognition, Machine Learning, ERM; and to integrate process improvement methods into digital transformation.  George has extensive experience assessing and planning for the deployment of numerous vendor platforms, including Microsoft M365. George holds and has held president, executive, management, and senior staff positions with CRE8, GTE, Wang Labs,  ASA, and KPMG Peat Marwick.  He graduated from the University of Utah in Accounting and is a former CPA (KPMG).  When not working, George enjoys singing and off-road motorcycle riding. George is a former USA bronze medal world wrestling champion.

Jordan Uytterhagen, Managing Director of Cadence Solutions is a recognized Digital Transformation Leader. Jordan has extensive experience assisting organizations with automation of electronic content management, electronic records management, workflow, and complex system integration; across numerous platforms, including Microsoft, OpenText, and SAP.  He understands the building blocks, methods, and licensing strategies needed to support the plan and implementation of an effective digital transformation strategy.  After work, Jordan enjoys camping and snowmobiling with his wife and 2 kids.

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