As President of CRE8 Independent Consultants, I regularly assist Am Law 100 Managing Partners and Executive Directors in improving firm practices, operations, and processes.  As such, I am routinely asked what are the top law firm improvement ideas. Here is my list for 2023.

Reduce Friction.  Many firms look at matter and operational interactions as separate touchpoints with the client.  However, for General Counsel, there is one firm to rate and decide to engage. One way to improve the firm and client relationship is to identify “client matter lifecycle” interactions (practices and operations), frequency, level of friction and impact to the firm and client, and strategies to improve. 

Improve Realization and Quality.  For corporate and litigation practices, re-sequence how work is conducted to put more knowledge into the process earlier to reduce re-work, improve the quality of the work, and increase realization.  Share the process maps with the client and discuss how the firm can better interact with them overall and for specific matters. Beyond increasing realization and saving firm/client time, this exercise will expand and strengthen the firm and client relationship.  This approach can also be used to improve firm internal operations.

Increase Automation.  Advanced technologies, such as digital workflow, artificial intelligence, machine learning, electronic content management, and robotic process automation are proven, here to stay, and can dramatically re-engineer firm processes to improve quality and reduce costs, for practice areas and operations. When these advanced technologies are properly planned improvements in firm quality, realization, efficiency, and client service can be dramatic.

So what is the next step? Reach out to me and let’s schedule a time to further discuss the above topics, including areas in the firm you would like to improve. As independent consultants, we have since 1995 assisted hundreds of organizations (ranging in size from 25 to 250,000 employees); improved hundreds of processes for AM LAW 100 firms and assisted law firms with advanced technology planning. To contact me, you can reach me directly or through LinkedIn.  Best George Dunn, President CRE8 Independent Consultants

About the Author: George Dunn President of CRE8 Independent Consultants is a worldwide recognized process improvement and advanced technology planning consultant. He has extensive experience improving hundreds of processes for Am Law 100 firms, legal departments, and courts. He is published in Law Technology News, Corporate Counsel, General Counsel News, and has authored a white paper “What are the signs your law firm needs process improvement.” George is certified/experienced in Total Quality Management, Re-engineering, Continuous Process Improvement, Business Process Management, LEAN, and Six Sigma; and in advanced technologies such as AI, machine learning, digital workflow, ECM, and RPA.  He is served in leadership positions with CRE8, GTE, Wang Labs, ASA and KPMG.  He can be reached directly at, 206-556-5958, or

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