What Are The Skills Necessary To be A Chief Process Officer?

What Are The Skills Necessary To be A Chief Process Officer?

In Part 3 of his interview Kevin Craine, producer of the Digital Transformation Podcast asks George Dunn, President of CRE8 Independent Consultants “What are the skills necessary to be a Chief Process Officer? 

George believes that to function successfully as a Chief Process Officer one must have senior leadership, significant process improvement skills (LEAN, Six Sigma, Quality, Continuous Process Improvement, Re-engineering), and extensive experience with digital transformation (AI, Digital Workflow, Machine Learning, ECM, RPA, data system replacement).  A CPO needs to be able to see beyond specific methods and tools to identify the approaches and plan that will solve a wide variety of organization issues.  He finds that this is not a role that other Chiefs, Directors, or project managers can fulfill as they do not have the time, skills, and/or objectivity required.  

For many organizations the answer is a Chief Process Officer (fractional or full time).  A CPO will support process improvement continuity, continuous improvement, successful digital transformation, and an organizational focus on the process.  

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