What Are The Signs That An Organization Needs A Chief Process Officer?

What Are The Signs That An Organization Needs A Chief Process Officer?

In Part 2 of his interview Kevin Craine, award winning producer of the Digital Transformation Podcast asks George Dunn, President of CRE8 Independent Consultants “What are the signs that an organization needs a Chief Process Officer?

George shares that he finds that for most organizations there is not an ongoing focus on process improvement, as they are busy conducting day to day work, and will will instead focus on the process when there is a crisis.  This costs organizations efficiency, quality, service, governance, and operational excellence.  He also finds that existing chief do not have the time, skill set, and/or objectivity to lead this work.  

George believes that for many organizations the answer is a Chief Process Officer (fractional or full time).  A CPI will support process improvement continuity, continuous improvement, and an organizational focus on the process.  


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