Is it Time For Your Law Firm To Fully Embrace Process Improvement?

Is it Time For Your Law Firm To Fully Embrace Process Improvement?

What are the external and internal signs that your law firm needs to fully embrace process improvement?

External Signs: Are clients consolidating the roster of firms they engage, requiring increasingly restrictive guidelines; and asking for holdbacks, discounts, write-offs, AFA, and fixed fee life of the matter? Do existing and prospective clients ask what process improvement framework your firm is using to lower fees and costs?

Internal Signs: Is your firm writing off fees and costs billed to clients, finding realization is not consistent across practice areas, and finding silos between departments and groups? Are firm processes not fully mapped out and measured?

If the answer is yes to any of the above, your firm can benefit from increasing its awareness and application of process improvement. For our full white paper “What are the Signs Your Law Firm needs Process Improvement” Read More >

About the Author: George Dunn, President of CRE8 Independent Consultants has extensive experience assisting law firms, legal departments, and courts with planning for process improvement, advanced technology planning, and computer system replacement. George is published in Law Technology News, Corporate Counsel, Document Strategy Forum, AIIM and ARMA. George can be reached as follows, and on Linkedin.

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